The Top-5 Reasons You Should Adopt a Rescue Dog

The Top-5 Reasons You Should Adopt a Rescue Dog

If you have been thinking about getting a dog, adopting one is likely the best option for a variety of reasons. You may already have heard that it’s better to adopt rather than purchase a dog, but you may not be aware of just how many benefits there are, not only for yourself, but also for other dogs, as well as pet rescue missions. Here, we’ll explore the top-five reasons why you should adopt a dog from a rescue group.

  1. You Are Providing Support for Local Rescue Organizations.

By adopting a rescue dog, you are playing an integral part in supporting your local pet rescue mission or shelter. Unfortunately, most communities in the US need animal shelters because there are legions of abandoned and neglected pets that have nowhere else to go. When you make the choice to adopt a dog from a local rescue mission, you not only save the life of an animal, but you also send the message to the community that these nonprofit organizations are important.

Adopting pets helps keep the pet population down and reduces the likelihood of more unwanted or neglected animals going without a home. When you support your local pet rescue mission, you are directly helping a valuable nonprofit organization continue its life-changing work.

  1. You’re More Likely to End up with a Pet That Matches Your Family’s Lifestyle.

Because pet shelters typically have a wide range of dog breeds to choose from, all with varying temperaments, energy levels, and exercise needs, these facilities are a terrific resource for finding the perfect dog to compliment your lifestyle. From purebreds to mutts, pet shelters likely have the ideal dog for you and your family.

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Many rescued dogs are already housebroken, so you most likely won’t have to worry about the time and patience required to train a puppy. Additionally, many of these animals are very loving after suffering neglect at the hands of their previous owners, and they are often quite used to living indoors. The highly trained staff at your local shelter can also answer any questions you have to help you choose a dog that will be the best match for your lifestyle.

  1. When You Adopt One, You Save Many.

We’ve talked about the benefits that adopting a dog can have for local pet rescue missions and individuals, but those aren’t the only good reasons to adopt a shelter dog. When you choose to adopt from a nonprofit, you are indirectly saving the lives of many dogs that you will probably never meet. No-kill shelters, in particular, benefit because they often deal with overcrowding issues, and when you adopt, you make space for them to help more dogs.

Additionally, adopting a shelter pet directly impacts the problem of overpopulation. Sadly, there are not enough loving homes for the many animals born each year, and many end up in local pet shelters. It is estimated that between 8 and 12 million animals are euthanized annually because they were unable to find a permanent home. When you adopt from a shelter, you save yet another animal from meeting the same fate.

  1. Rescue Dogs Are Generally Healthier Than Dogs from a Breeder.

In terms of overall health, dogs at a rescue shelters are likely to be better off than commercially bred dogs. One reason for this is because the staff at many pet shelters goes through in-depth training and has the knowledge required to perform a full assessment of a dog’s general health. Additionally, every shelter pet receives all required vaccinations and undergoes a behavioral screening process.

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Most pet rescue missions have veterinarians either on-site or who visit the shelter regularly to assess the health of all animals residing there. These professionals ensure that all immunizations are up-to-date and perform spaying and neutering procedures, which helps curb the pet population.

  1. You Are Setting an Example for Family and Friends

Adopting a shelter pet sends a positive message to others in your life. By taking a rescued dog into your home, you might be inspiring your family and friends to do the same. Adopting a dog in need of a stable, loving home will also give you the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

You can even encourage strangers to adopt a shelter pet. Whenever you take your dog for a walk and strangers ask about him or her, be sure to tell them that you got your pet from a rescue mission and, if you feel comfortable, suggest they do the same if and when they decide they want a pet.

While there are many more reasons than these to adopt a dog from a rescue mission, the five reasons mentioned here are the most important. If you’ve been thinking about adding a dog to your family, choosing a local pet rescue organization is the way to go.