What You Need to Know about MPTF’s Health and Wellness Programs

mptflogoEver since it was founded in 1921, the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) has worked to support members of the entertainment community in living and aging well. Over the years, the organization has greatly expanded the scope of its health and wellness services; today, MPTF offers a broad range of physical and mental health programs geared toward entertainment industry workers at all stages of life. These programs include:



The Daily Call Sheet

Social isolation can be a big problem for seniors and people living with disabilities, who often have difficulty getting out and about due to mobility issues or other challenges. That’s why MPTF launched the Daily Call Sheet with the support of the AARP Foundation. A volunteer-driven telephone outreach program, the Daily Call sheet matches isolated entertainment community members with industry volunteers for regular check-in chats on the phone. An easy way to significantly boost social engagement for vulnerable people, the Daily Call Sheet is designed to be a scalable and replicable program that LA’s many other social services organizations can implement as well.


UCLA | MPTF Health Centers

MPTF’s ongoing relationship with UCLA Health means that entertainment industry members can benefit from the best in specialty treatment and inpatient services. Five MPTF health centers—located throughout LA in convenient proximity to studios and other key industry locations—are operated by UCLA Health. These health centers offer dedicated care from highly skilled physicians, nurses, and other practitioners exclusively to workers in the entertainment industry.


The Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. Center for Behavioral Health

Created to help meet the evolving and complex needs of today’s generation of seniors, the Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. Center for Behavioral Health serves adults over the age of 55 living with acute mental health needs. Housed in a newly-constructed inpatient facility on MPTF’s Wasserman Campus that was specially designed to accommodate the unique mental health care needs of older adults, the Center offers support and treatment (in association with UCLA Health) for conditions including dementia, schizophrenia, and depression. The Center is available not only to entertainment industry workers, but also to the community at large.


Health Wheels

For many entertainment workers, it can be difficult to prioritize getting medical care due to the long hours and sporadic schedules that are commonplace across the industry. Health Wheels works to address this problem by bringing the care to the workers, rather than the other way around. A unique mobile health program featuring a 33-foot, fully-functional mobile health center staffed by UCLA Health physicians, Health Wheels delivers critical health care services to entertainment community members, wherever they are. Services provided include physical exams, women’s health care exams, flu shots and other immunizations, blood pressure checks, and vision and hearing tests.


Community Care Team

MPTF is committed to serving not only entertainment community members, but their family members as well. Through its Community Care Team program, MPTF helps entertainment workers and their parents receive high-quality, multidisciplinary medical and supportive care in designated rehab facilities. Consisting of UCLA faculty practice physicians, social workers, chaplains, and volunteer staff members, the teams ensure a continuum of support and medical care through the creation of personalized care plans, visits, and ongoing assessments.


Palliative Care Program

MPTF’s Palliative Care Program adopts a multidisciplinary medical and social approach geared toward relieving suffering and ensuring the best possible quality of life for patients and their families. Despite commonly held perceptions, palliative care is not solely about end-of-life care, but rather about helping support patients through treatment and enabling them to live comfortably with illness. MPTF’s Palliative Care Program is therefore available to individuals and families at any stage of illness, and at any stage of life. Many dedicated program specialists—including physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers, dieticians, activity coordinators, and chaplains—work together and with an individual’s primary physician to deliver services and ensure proper coordination of care.

hospital care


Age Well

Many older adults don’t start thinking about healthy aging until they’re already experiencing age-related health issues. Age Well is a centralized program designed to help older adults get on the pathway to health and wellness as soon as possible by providing early assessment and intervention for age-related medical and emotional concerns. The program also provides informed recommendations to an individual’s primary care physicians and family members about the best ways to keep them healthy later in life. Particular services offered as part of the Age Well program include comprehensive cognitive and functional assessments, personalized medical assessments, and ongoing in-home support for seniors.


The Saban Center for Health and Wellness

An oasis of good health on MPTF’s Wasserman Campus, the Saban Center for Health and Wellness offers a broad range of facilities and programs to help working and retired industry members alike stay healthy, active, and connected with their community. At the Saban Center, entertainment community members can take advantage of such amenities as the Jodie Foster Aquatic Pavilion, which offers aquatic therapy and exercise; a high-tech fitness gym with dedicated trainers; educational seminars and classes; and activities like walking groups.