5 Uplifting Ways MPTF Helps the Entertainment Community

5 Uplifting Ways MPTF Helps the Entertainment Community

mptflogoThe Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) has been a key supporter of the entertainment community in Los Angeles since 1921. At first, the organization served as a safety net for individuals in the entertainment industry, providing health and social services to people in need. Over time, the organization has grown immensely in terms of the services it provides and the range of people it supports. Today, MPTF continues to expand its offerings through institutions like The Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. Center for Behavioral health, which opened only two years ago under the organization’s umbrella to treat mental health issues in individuals over the age of 55. Some of the organization’s key services include the following:

  1. Crisis Support

Crisis support has stood at the heart of the MPTF mission from the very beginning. Today, the organization offers assistance during times of both emotional and financial crisis. Sometimes, individuals experience personal disasters, while at other times an industry-wide event causes a crisis. In both cases, MPTF helps pick up the pieces and ensure that individuals and their families remain safe.

The crisis-support process starts with a completely confidential conversation with a social worker. Trained social workers serve as personal advocates and connect individuals to the resources they need to find appropriate solutions to their particular problems.

When there is a financial crisis, temporary relief is available for a wide range of circumstances, including disability, unemployment, illness, and more. The organization helps cover the cost of monthly bills, as well as food and other necessities. To serve individuals most effectively, MPTF has teamed with various community agencies and relief organizations capable of providing further assistance tailored to each individual case.

  1. Childcare Support

The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation Children’s Center is operated by Bright Horizons. The center provides progressive childcare for children between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 years. Qualified professionals offer a variety of different programs for children of different ages. All of these programs emphasize hands-on learning and collaboration while addressing the specific developmental needs of each child. Interventions are available for bolstering social development, language skills, and self-esteem, as well as physical development. The center also offers activities that stimulate critical thinking and problem solving even in the youngest minds. With tuition assistance, MPTF makes this resource available to everyone who needs it.

  1. Elder Support

MPTF operates a number of different programs to support the people in our life who are aging. The neighborhood community councils, located throughout Los Angeles, provide a social group in which industry retirees can discuss their needs and identify the resources that will most benefit them in the future. These councils allow MPTF and area residents to shape the local offerings and tailor them to the exact needs of the community. In addition, the councils provide educational speakers and spur discussion on important topics. Perhaps most important is the fact that they serve as an ideal breeding ground for new friendships.

Another MPTF program, Age Well, focuses on health and wellness for the aging population. Through Age Well, individuals can receive early functional and cognitive assessments and interventions on medical issues specifically related to aging. The program also provides focused recommendations for primary care physicians and helps family members coordinate care when necessary. In addition, Age Well provides various educational opportunities for learning about home modification, driver safety, and more.

MPTF’s Elder Connection program provides support to aging individuals, family members, and caregivers. The free service offers everything from grocery shopping to pet care, as well as a Friendly Visitors program that matches seniors to volunteers in their area.

  1. Creativity Support

Understanding that creativity is ageless, MPTF provides multiple opportunities for individuals to exercise their skills even if they are no longer active in the entertainment industry. The MPTF Studios and Media Center creates original programming that it broadcasts to individuals living in housing on the organization’s Wasserman Campus. Programming is also posted to the organization’s YouTube page for consumption by the general public. This initiative is multigenerational, with residents sharing their knowledge with high school volunteers and other individuals interested in the entertainment industry.

MPTF also maintains a Lifelong Learning initiative for the seniors that it serves. Through area community centers and colleges, it offers classes tailored to appeal to older individuals. Distance-learning options are also available for individuals with mobility issues.

  1. Safety Support

As individuals get older, it is critical that they maintain a safe home environment. Many seniors wish to stay in their home, and MPTF honors this wish with the Home Safe Home program, which ensures that living spaces remain manageable. The program provides free home-safety evaluations and then undertakes modifications for free or at a low cost using the skillsets of compassionate volunteers. Modifications may include the installation of grab bars, tub rails, smoke alarms, and security systems. MPTF volunteers also pay attention to small details, such as rugs that could present a tripping hazard.