11 Awesome Volunteer Opportunities at MPTF

MPTF logoBased in the Los Angeles area, the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) is always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to help support the wide range of programs and services it offers to members of the entertainment community. MPTF’s extraordinary family of volunteers, ranging in age from 14 to 93, plays a critical role in providing entertainment, companionship, and assistance to industry members in need. If you’re someone with a personal affiliation or connection to the entertainment community and you’re looking for a way to give back, here are 11 great MPTF volunteer opportunities to check out:


  1. Activities and recreation

On the Wasserman campus, MPTF’s residential community exclusively designed for entertainment industry retirees, a wide range of recreational and social activities are offered to ensure that all residents can continue to lead rich, full lives during their time on campus. Some of the many activities that volunteers help lead or facilitate include art classes, trivia contests, mah jongg and poker clubs, knitting groups, bingo, billiards, parties, and more.


volleyball team


  1. Administrative volunteers

As a nonprofit, MPTF relies on the support of volunteers to help accomplish many of the routine administrative tasks that are critical to the smooth functioning of the organization. Volunteers who are comfortable in an office setting, particularly those who have experience with MS Office programs and/or Raiser’s Edge, are always needed to assist with data entry, filing, and reception duties.


  1. Computer tutors and Tech Squad

Many senior members of the entertainment community need a little extra help when it comes to navigating today’s technology. That’s where MPTF’s Tech Squad comes in. These computer-savvy volunteers help out on campus and in the community by guiding seniors through the basics of setting passwords, sending e-mails, using the Internet safely, and other tech tasks. They also help seniors learn to physically use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


  1. The Daily Call Sheet

One of MPTF’s most popular programs, the Daily Call Sheet is a telephone outreach program that helps combat social isolation among seniors or people with disabilities who are still living at home but may have difficulty getting out and about. In this program, volunteers are matched with isolated entertainment community members for regular phone check-ins and chats that provide much-needed social engagement. Whether it’s a quick call to say “hello” or a longer exchange about last night’s game, the Daily Call Sheet is an easy way to make a big difference in the life of an isolated person.


technical support


  1. Event volunteers

Throughout the year, MPTF hosts many fundraising events and other special occasions to support its programs and services and to build awareness of its mission. Special event volunteers can assist in many capacities, such as preparing welcome packages or goody bags, sending out invitations, receiving RSVPs, or staffing an event reception table.


  1. Friendly Visitors

An in-person version of the Daily Call Sheet, the Friendly Visitors program sends volunteers to the homes (or the on-campus accommodations) of industry members who benefit from regular social visits from peers and colleagues. As this program demonstrates, something as simple as having a cup of tea with a neighbor can provide people with significant physical, mental, and emotional health benefits.


  1. Home Safe Home volunteers

The Home Safe Home program offers free home safety evaluations for senior members of the entertainment community who want to continue living independently in their own homes as they age. Home Safe Home volunteers help assess important safety issues, make recommendations for improvements, and carry out simple home repairs and upgrades that help increase safety for residents.




  1. Junior volunteers

Intergenerational socializing and interaction can bring great benefits to people of any age. That’s why MPTF offers a junior volunteer program, which brings together senior residents of the Wasserman campus with positive, compassionate, and sociable young people who are at least 14 years old. Junior volunteers can choose to help out in many capacities, such as assisting on the Tech Squad, working in the MPTF Media Center, or attending and participating in recreational or social activities with seniors.


  1. Library volunteers

The Wasserman campus boasts several libraries, all of which need to be kept neat and organized. Library volunteers are always needed to assist staff with tasks like adding and removing periodicals, helping residents find and check out materials, and cataloging and shelving new material.


  1. Pool and fitness floor buddies

Many residents of the Wasserman campus love to stay fit and active but need a little extra help getting into or out of the pool or using the fitness equipment available at MPTF’s Saban Center for Health and Wellness. Pool buddies and fitness buddies are volunteers who help make sure that seniors can complete their exercise routines safely.




  1. Shoppers

Shopping for basic items can be difficult for older adults who have mobility issues or are no longer able to drive. To address this problem, MPTF organizes a roster of volunteer shoppers to help Wasserman campus residents and seniors in the community keep their homes stocked with fresh food and other necessities.