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Relativity Co-CEO Ryan Kavanaugh is a longtime philanthropist involved in a number of charitable causes around the world. He serves as chairman emeritus of The Art of Elysium, an organization focused on helping actors, musicians, and artists donate their time and talents to children with serious medical conditions. At the 2014 Night Before Gala, Ryan… Continue Reading

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A Look at Some of the Most Important Themes in Prematurity Research

The March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center network represents the most concerted effort in the world to investigate and identify the underlying causes of preterm birth. The six leading research institutions in North America and Europe—the establishment of the network’s first European center at Imperial College London was announced earlier this year—use a transdisciplinary approach… Continue Reading

How to Make Sure Your Kids’ Books Are Free of Bias

How to Make Sure Your Kids’ Books Are Free of Bias

Books and stories are powerful tools that can help children better understand their families, their communities, and the wider world. At their best—that is, when they reflect a diverse range of characters and situations—children’s books can help young readers develop values like respect for differences and compassion and empathy for others: These values often remain… Continue Reading