5 Purchases that Support Rescue Organizations and Their Animals

5 Purchases that Support Rescue Organizations and Their Animals

Ryan Kavanaugh is heavily involved with the animal rescue community and has adopted a number of dogs, including Freedom, a Siberian husky that was scheduled for euthanasia. In addition to adopting a number of dogs, Ryan Kavanaugh has also served as a foster parent while dogs await their forever homes. Working within the rescue community, he saw the terrible reality that exists in many organizations that struggle to have enough food and other supplies to take care of the dogs they shelter.

To help provide for animals in need, Ryan Kavanaugh partnered with Rocky Kanaka to found DOG for DOG, which produces premium pet foods and helps ensure that fewer dogs go hungry as they await adoption. Each bag of food that individuals purchase from DOG for DOG results in the donation of another bag of food to an animal shelter in need. During its first year, the company provided 250,000 pounds of food to shelters. Currently, DOG for DOG is working to realize its goal of donating a million pounds of food each year.

Purchasing food from DOG for DOG is a great way to give your dog excellent nutrition, while also supporting dogs in need across the country. If you’re interested in doing more to help, you can also buy products from companies with similar philanthropic models, including:

  1. Woodrow Wear

woodrowwearlogoA company focused on the needs of older dogs and those with certain medical conditions, Woodrow Wear produces Power Paws, socks with a nonslip surface that owners can put on their dogs to improve their traction. Power Paws are great for dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia that struggle with keeping themselves standing and have trouble walking. In addition, the socks protect paws from both cold snow and ice and hot asphalt. Woodrow Wear, like DOG for DOG, has been dedicated to philanthropy from the very beginning and provides hundreds of sets of Power Paws to various rescues around the country each year. In addition, the company donates to groups dedicated to supporting animals and protecting their rights. All returned socks that are still usable are also forwarded along to rescues and senior pet groups.

  1. CharityPaws

charitypaws logoA social goods company, CharityPaws partners with charities to help them raise even more money for their causes. The company produces stylish and affordable clothing for men and women that displays important messages about rescuing animals and helps raise awareness about pet adoptions. Various groups and organizations, like rescues, can sign up as a charity partner with CharityPaws and receive a 20-percent kickback for every sale that they facilitate using a unique purchase URL. Organizations also have the opportunity to become a featured partner, which means that they earn 40 percent back on each sale and gain access to pay-per-click advertising opportunities to increase visibility. Pet-focused charities can order customized shirts and sell self-promotional items directly through CharityPaws as well.

  1. Lollypups

lollypupslogoThis company is focused on fair-trade fashion for animals. Lollypups Designer Petwear sells garments made by hand by Peruvian artisans, and customers can opt for either knit or crocheted garments made from alpaca wool or pima cotton. JoAnn Lieberman is the founder and designer behind Lollypups. When she was starting the garment business, she traveled to Lima, Peru, and was surprised by the number of stray dogs located in the villages around the city. She instantly became more interested in the issue of animal homelessness. When she returned home, she began volunteering in a shelter and founded Lollypups to help the cause. Part of the proceeds from sales of the sweaters goes toward adoption organizations, and the company also sponsors adoption events and donates products to auctions that raise money for rescue organizations.

  1. Thundershirt

thundershirtlogoIndividuals who have animals that struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, and similar issues are likely already familiar with Thundershirt, a company that creates tight-fitting garments for dogs of all sizes. The fit of the shirt is designed to make the dog feel more secure during stressful events, such as Fourth of July fireworks, thunderstorms, or even just separation from their owner. Because the Thundershirt works so well, the company has achieved a great deal of success and has given back by donating its product to shelters so that dogs residing there can use them too. The shirt can help nervous, anxious dogs calm down and may ultimately make them more adoptable. Individuals interested in making even more of an impact can choose to donate Thundershirts to a rescue of their choice directly through the company.

  1. Petco

petcologoOne of the largest pet stores in the country, Petco is also one of the most involved in charities and rescue organizations. By making purchases through Petco, animal owners help support the Petco Foundation, which has donated to shelters and rescues across the country. Petco also regularly hosts in-store adoption events, which are sponsored by the foundation. Each year, the company connects more than 400,000 animals to their forever homes through these events. Individuals can make donations directly to the Petco Foundation to provide more resources to keep these events running.